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It doesn’t cost much to make someone happy. Sweet tokens of love are cherished by all and it never hurts us to make someone else smile. After all life is all about sharing and caring. So, if you want to show your boyfriend, brother, best friend, father your love and appreciation then gift them something wonderful and splendid today itself.

But the problem is that you may be confused about what to gift as there are so many options and paraphernalia, right? That’s why here we come to your immediate rescue as we will be presenting below some amazing and mind-blowing gift ideas for him from which you can pick and choose and then gift accordingly to the lucky man. The best part is that the items that we will be enlisting here are all under 2000 rupees. So, it will not only fit well within your budget but also give you a wide range of choices.

Now without dilly-dallying any further let’s proceed immediately to the gift section.

Grooming kits

A man’s biggest weakness is his beard. Most men spend hours trying to groom and shape their beards, making it soft like velvet. So, if your man has that dashing beard which you die for, then beard grooming kits are the best presents that you can gift him with. There are a lot of options like Beardo grooming kits, Brylcreem beard oils and balms etc. which you can purchase online. These kits are very affordable as you can avail them at 500-600 INR only. Without any second thought just go for it, if you want to see your beloved guy get exhilarated and thrilled by your surprise.


Watches are loved by all. Be it the big-dialled ones or the sleek strapped ones, a watch adds a different charm to your personality and for men, well, watches often speak bulks about their charisma. That is why we are suggesting you to gift him with a stunning watch and astonish him with your lovely present. From the house of Titan, Fastrack, Rado, Timex to mention some you can find a sundry of some exquisite watches priced below 2000 rupees. So, just search online and select one of their smart-watches or normal watches and gift him right away.

Fan-art merchandise

Sports, music, Marvel-DC comics, Call of Duty, FIFA- some things that men are obsessed with, right? The debate over Barca and Real Madrid or Arsenal and Manchester United or ManCity never ceases. Neither the emotions over Iron Man and Captain America have any boundary. And when it comes to a gaming night with friends, you are often relegated to the background, isn’t it?
So, if your lover or friend has some similar interest in any of these fields and if he is particularly obsessed with some character, or music band, or football team then gifting him a merchandise like t-shirts, coffee mugs, posters etc. of that obsession will be the perfect token of love. Not only will it make him feel ultra-special and show him how much you care, but also these items are priced very reasonably way below rupees 1000. That is why gift him any fan-art merchandise and after you see his reaction, we can assure you that you will definitely thank us later.


Wallets are the ideal gifts for men. A classy and elite wallet not only gives them a sense of importance but also makes them feel intensely confident and powerful. Men love to have own fine wallets since they have to take it out often to pay the bills. So, if you want to make a man feel nice and good, then without any hesitation order and gift a wallet to him at once. You will get some mesmerising wallets from several reputed companies which come at pocket friendly prices as well. Just check now and choose asap.


Great authors have often opined that a man is known and judged by the shoe he wears. However, much men may disagree, but secretly each man loves to own a huge collection of some stylish and elegant shoes. Be it the crocs, the flip-flops, the sports shoes, the running shoes, the formal shoes- every man has more number of shoes than girls have. Indeed, they do! So, just help your man increase his priced possession and gift him some remarkable shoes priced around rupees 1500 and see how he repays this gift by showering unconditional love on you.

Guitars and Kalimbas
Music is a sweet union of the heart and soul. Music is a bridge that bonds people. And music is something that we all love and adore. So, if you want your man to write some romantic ballads for you and express musically how much he is crazy about you, gift him a guitar or a kalimba. Priced under rupees 2000, they are quite productive and constructive gifts which is sure to make your friend or lover spellbound and happy.


However much they deny, even men are attracted to fashion and lifestyle. They may say that they can pass off a week in one t-shirt only but secretly they all crave for several trendy and fashionable shirts and dresses so that they can impress you and win your heart. Thus, gift him a super-cool t-shirt or shirt with some quirky captions on it and see how exuberated he becomes when he opens your present.


This is a universal fact that men smell good. They put up a lot of efforts to give off that endearing odour which you cannot simply resist. So, gifting him a perfume or a deodorant will be totally worth-it. These products are very inexpensive and are priced way below 2000. That is why we suggest you to gift him something that he uses daily and also will get reminded of you as well.


Headphones, earphones, speakers- these are a man’s best friend. They can never refuse these tech gadgets that unites them with their favourite song or video. So, gift your man the best Bluetooth or normal headsets from Boat, JBL, Samsung, Sony, Sennheiser, Skullcandy to name some. These gizmos not only have a long-lasting duration but also are quite trendy and handy. And the best part is that the earphones come under 1500 rupees only and hence you wont even feel a pinch in your pocket. Don’t ponder much, go and order one right now, gift him and see the glorious smile on his face.


The thing with sunglasses is that they not only change your entire look but also add an enigma to your personality. A sunglass is simply a game-changer that will not only give your man that debonair attitude but will also make him look just swashbuckling. From the house of Vincent Chase, John Jacobs, Lenskart Blu- you will come across thousands of peppy sunglasses that are priced below rupees 2000. Just scroll through this inexhaustible list and gift your man a stylish pair of sunglasses and see how jocular he becomes.

Men are often burdened with expectations not only from the society but also from the family. They have to lead an un-thankful life as people think that whatever they do, that is their duty. But in this process, we often fail to appreciate and compliment them in the way that they deserve. So that is why to show all the men in your life the love that they are totally worthy of, here are some gift ideas for him under 2000 rupees that will not only come under your budget but also make your man really proud of you. Be it anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s day, Friendship Day, Father’s Day or any other routine day; making someone exultant needs no specific or auspicious moment. So just without any thought choose from these lists and gift him something unique and special; and marvel at that sweet smile, which your token of love will bring, on his handsome face.

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