Useful & Unique Gift Ideas for MOM from Daughter & Son

Wherever God could not be present, he made mothers and sent them there. We all agree to this statement, don’t we? Mothers are the greatest gifts of God and we can never repay their debts ever. But we can do one-thing, that is, make them feel special and gift them something nice and sweet. A mother’s blessing is something that is like a guardian angel for us: protecting us from all evil and at the same time making us successful in all our endeavours. So, just honour her, love her loads and make her heart beam with pride and happiness for you. But if you now feel confused and ponder hard on what to gift her then your have arrived at the right place because here, we will enlist some top gift ideas for your mom under 2000 rupees. Not only will these items fit in your budget but also will bring a radiant and glowing smile on your mother’s pretty face. Now just check the list, order something instantly and surprise your mother immediately.


Moms always crave for sarees. So, this is the best gift that you can present her with. Priced under rupees 2000 you will get a plethora of options from which you can simply choose an exquisite saree and gift her. From jamdanis, chiffons, silks, georgettes to cotton and net sarees- you can select a mesmerising piece and then gift her accordingly.

Dinner sets

You may not find interest in it but to mothers dining sets are very precious. Crockery and cutlery items are cherished and yearned by mothers since they are very beneficial for household purposes. So, gift her those splendid glass dining sets from Laopola, Borosil and other leading reputed companies. These dinner sets are priced below 2000 INR so you won’t even feel the pinch in your pocket. Therefore, without any second thought just gift it right now.

Personalised knick-knacks

Personalised items are the best because these items are helpful in preserving loads of memories and priceless moments. Coffee mugs, cushions, photo-frames and small items can now be personalised and you can choose any one item from here and gift it to her by customising it. You can choose from her individual pictures or any family snaps and then personalise it on one such knick-knack. And trust us, you will thank us later when you see that vibrant smile on your mom’s glowing face as she unwraps this pleasant surprise for her.


Mothers carry the entire burden of the family. So, she deserves something amazing. And that is why we are suggesting you to gift her a bag. The thing about bags is that not only can she show it off and carry it around whenever she goes for shopping, marketing or kitty parties but also, she will feel elated since you have gifted her something lovely. Priced within 1000 rupees, you can choose elegant bags from famous companies like Caprese, Lavie, Baggit, Dressberry, Skybags- to mention some. Thus pick, pay and gift right away.


Jewels are a girl’s best friend. So why not gift her with some beautiful bracelet or pendant or ear-rings or a ring. Now you may be thinking about the price, right? But Austrian diamonds are inexpensive and ornaments from this material are available within 1500 rupees only. Also, terracotta ornaments and shell and pearl items also come under 1000 rupees. So, without any dilly-dally order a graceful ornament and just gift it to your mother to see her gleam with love and pride.

Facial kits

Mom are always working round the clock- taking care of the entire household and the family. But how often do we take care of her? Even her pure face is subjected to wrinkles and aging. So, we suggest that gift your mother a facial kit containing face wash, toners, moisturisers and other skin essentials which your mom needs the most. This will not only shield her skin from impurities and germs but also will keep her radiant and shining like always. Kits by Nysaa, Mamaearth are very affordable as they are priced under 1500 rupees only. So, just order and surprise her immediately.


Moms smell like flowers. Their smell is the best and is unparalleled totally. That is why we suggest you to gift her an aromatic perfume. You can avail perfumes from the top brands online itself and they do not even cost a fortune. Within 1000 rupees you will get a lot of fragrances that are simply breath-taking. So just gift her a perfume and keep her wonderful smell intact.

Flower pots

Green plants are beneficial for our health, mind and environment. We spend our times outside mostly but often the moms who are home-makers have to stay in for the entire day. For that reason, the house needs to be kept fresh and healthy. So, gift her small flower pots or small green plants that you can place at the various corners of the house. This will not only keep the atmosphere of the home clean but also uncontaminated. It will also keep your mom’s eyes fit and fine. Available within 1000 INR, you won’t find anything reasonable than this.

Home décor items

Items like vases, wall-clocks, showpieces, lampshades- these are some of the items that all mothers yearn for. After all, who beautifies and designs your home sweet home other than your stunning mother? That is why, we will advise you to gift her something that is useful for her. These items are priced between 150 INR- 1500 INR, so there will no other present better than this.


While some mothers go out for their jobs, other mothers work at home only. But one thing is constant- their work. The pressure never decreases. From looking after the household to tending all your needs she is always running, never on a stop. She can forget about herself but she will always attend to the entire family. So that is why gift her a watch which will remind her to take a break and then take care of herself. Mothers indeed lack time, so a beautiful and sleek wrist-watch will be a reminder to her- to start watching over herself. Also, you can get swashbuckling watches priced below 2000 rupees, so it won’t exceed your budget even.

Mothers are Gods re-incarnated on Earth. We never appreciate her, show her love or even thank her. They love and care for us unconditionally and nothing can be truer than a mother’s love. For the person, who is always beside us, nursing us, acting as our best friend, guiding us and doing everything that it takes from her- we can of course present that Goddess a small token of love. Because after all, mothers deserve it. Thus, for the best mothers of the world- be the best child and gift her something to show her your heartfelt gratitude and never-ending affection. So, from the above gift ideas for mothers, just pick according to your liking and then make her blush with joy.

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