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Be it birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, promotions or anything- a gift will never fail to bring a big smile on our faces. Presents always brighten up our days, making us feel loved and important. Plus, who doesn’t love gifts? But choosing gifts for your loved ones can be really tedious especially if it is a girl. Because knowing her preferences and mind is intricate and then selecting that special gift which can win her heart can be intensely tricky. But worry not, as here we come to your rescue. Within rupees two thousand we will give you a lot of brilliant ideas for gifts that you can present your girl with and make her just go bonkers with happiness. So here, check this list out and gift her today something amazing that is bound to make her day and make her giggle with laughter and blush with pure joy. This list has been compiled and curated with special care so that you can pick the perfect present from a plethora of choices.

Cosmetic set

Make-up and cosmetics are a girl’s best friend. Girls love the different shades and hues of those mesmerising lipsticks; and the radiant eyeshadow palettes are nothing but love. Be it the kajal or the mascara or those vibrant popping nail paints- cosmetics will never go out of vogue. And if you are planning to surprise your girl for her birthday or any other special day, then this is the perfect gift you are looking for. There are many eyeshadow palettes and lipstick sets priced under rupees 2000 that you can present to her with love. From the Maybelline series, or Sugar or Lakme or Nykaa- you will get make-up sets comprising of lipsticks, mascaras and eye-liners that she badly needs for her make-up collection. Also, sheet-masks are a must haves nowadays for every girl. So, you can make her marvel at you if you plan to gift her some soothing and refreshing face masks. Thus, check out online the cosmetic essentials and order them right away.

Dresses and clothes

If your female confidante or someone special is a fashionista then nothing can be better than gifting various colourful apparels to her. Starting from stylish dresses of diverse types to some extremely trendy tops and tees to the stunning bottom wear and those phenomenal ethnic and traditional outfits, clothes are loved and yearned for by every girl. And the best part is that you can find a huge sundry of garments priced way below 2000. Amazing, isn’t it?

‘I have nothing to wear’ or ‘I don’t have enough clothes’ is something which you will probably hear from all the girls. This is because the yearning and love for fashion never ends. Girls can not have enough of dresses. So, if you want to see your girl beaming with that huge glowing smile on her face and that little twinkle in her eyes- just go through the leading online shopping apps for clothes and gift her something nice and trendy.


Music is an emotion that bonds hearts. And when it comes to music, every girl has a soft corner for it. So, priced reasonably under rupees two thousand, you will find a variegated collection of some amazing kalimbas that you can gift your girl or your friend and make her feel way way special on her special day. This amazing instrument can be learned and played by one and all and that is why we suggest you to present your special one something unique and unusual just like her.

Flowers and chocolates

Well, as sweet as girls are, their sweet tooth is also quite fascinating. And that is why chocolates are a favourite for them. Be it Bournevilles or Ferrero Rocher or the delicious Swiss chocolates, anything sweet can win their hearts.
Also, when such sweetmeats come with pretty bouquets of roses and tulips- nothing can get better. So, if you are planning to surprise her out of nowhere and just brighten up her day simply gift flowers and chocolates to her like the old school lovers. Within 2000 rupees you will get gorgeous flower bouquets and customised chocolates. Now, no more dilly dally. Order them now and we promise you that you will thank us later.


While we have the divas and the musicians, there are also present a number of bibliophiles who need nothing but books and a steaming cup of black coffee to snuggle up and enjoy the day. And if you know any such book-worm whom you want to impress, then gift her with a collection of books. Be it the thrillers of Dan Brown or the short story collections by O’ Henry or the intriguing anime mangas- books are really the best gifts that one can receive or present. Priced way below 2000, you will get an inexhaustible list of books from which you can pick and choose according to your likes. And with the help of online sites, you can now avail rare antique collections of some novels which your girl is sure to fall in love with. So, check out now the different books and give your book-lover friend the best gift of her life.


A big cuddly teddy bear is loved by one and all. Teddies are not only immensely cute but also are excessively desirable. Sleeping with a teddy can indeed reduce stress and also make your girl feel warm and secure when you are not around. Stuffed toys were and will always be a favourite with girls and it would thus be an ideal gift if you plan to endow something adorable and well within your budgets to her.

Tech gifts and gizmos

Well, a fitness band or a smart-watch is trending in the town, right? And you can’t forget the Bluetooth speakers and earphones as well. Priced within 2000 INR, electronic gadgets are a perfect gift for not only your girlfriend, but also your sister, your mother and your best friend. The Boat series of headphones and the Redmi power bands to mention some are not only quite useful but also very endearing. Almost everyone is using them now and that is why we think this to be the best gift you can give to someone to make them go high on cloud nine.

Personalised knick-knacks

Gifts are something that we present out of love. And if you can add some special moments into it, nothing seriously can get better. That is why personalised coffee-mugs, personalised t-shirts, personalised photo-frames and key rings, customised cushions and pillows etc. are some of the excellent gifts that you can give to your better half or to your close gal. These not only will make her feel ultra-special but also adorn her face with a pretty gleam that you can never afford to miss.

Personalised items now are very easy to purchase and as they come under 1000 rupees only, so you will not even feel much of a pinch in your pocket. So just select some gorgeous snaps of her and customise them on any product you want and gift to her and we can guarantee you that you won’t regret this idea at all.

Décor items

Girls who love interior decorations know what it means when someone gifts them with any object of décor. So here we suggest you to gift your girl something out of the box and at the same time beneficent. Dream catchers, vases, statues, paintings, show-pieces and handicraft items are something that not only carry an aesthetic sense but also add to the charms of the house. And that is why they are the perfect gift you can think of. A Small Laughing Buddha statue is a symbol of good luck and care. So, things like these are bound to make your girl go ecstatic if you surprise her all of a sudden. Also, these items come within 1000 rupees only and will fit quite well within your budget. Therefore, to make your girl indeed exhilarated, order now some exquisite décor item and amaze her with your classy choices.

Bags and purses

Totes, sling bags, purses, backpacks, waist bags, duffels, handbags, clutches and what not! The list is never-ending and so is the range of choice. And every girl, quite honestly, has a tremendous weakness over bags and shoes. So, while you may be hesitant about the shoe size, as you don’t know whether the heels will fit your Cinderella or not, stay assured that your bag will face no such issues and is definitely going to get cherished by her for life. That is why we would like to recommend you to go for bags while gifting her something outstanding. With various fashions coming up now, you will get an enormous number of options all priced within 2000. From the house of Caprese, Baggit, Zara, Dressberry, Lavie to mention some- you will find some splendid styles available at pocket friendly prices. This will be the best gift for her.

Here are our top 10 best ideas for gifts for her under 2000. Stylish, appealing and one of a kind, we have taken care to meet every preferences and tastes that your girl is likely to have. Not just lovers, but you can gift these to all those lovely ladies in your life who mean the whole world to you.

Gifts are a token of love and everyday is a gift of God. As God has presented us with the wonderful token of life, we can similarly gift our wonderful women something that can inform them how incomplete we are without them. You don’t need only birthdays or anniversaries or the Valentine’s Day or some important day to present her something. You can make a mundane day super-special by gifting and surprising her with a little preezie. And the happiness that you can see from this gift is something simply priceless. So, don’t wait up, come gift your stunning girl any token instantly and shower her with unconditional love and sterling exuberance.

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