Should You Buy Yamaha F280 Online In India? | Review

  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Gloss Top
  • Side/Back: Matt
  • 40.5-inch guitar
  • Country of Origin: India

Guitars! The most coveted instrument in the world, don’t you think? Everybody’s go-to instrument, this musical gizmo will sweep your feet away making you all enticed and charmed by it. Afterall, who can say no to a guitarist? That sweet, euphonious music coming out of this amazing instrument is bound to melt your heart away. Maybe that is why everyone is addicted and allured by a guitar. And, if by now, even you are also thinking about learning or buying a new guitar and surprising everyone with your deft skills, then we have a solution for that. Here we will review the best guitar for beginners that is the Yamaha F280 guitar, stating every little detail about it. So, do go through it, think it over and order your own guitar at once!

Much Much Better than Yamaha F310 Guitar Because it’s Made in India and price is comparatively low.

Yamaha F280 Acoustic Guitar Details

Yamaha F280 has the following technical features:

  • Item- Yamaha F280
  • Colour- Natural
  • Fretboard material- Rosewood
  • Body material- Rosewood
  • Neck material- Rosewood
  • Top material- Spruce Plywood
  • Dimensions- 102.9 x 41.2 x 9.6 cm
  • Weight- 2.8 kg
  • String material- Steel
  • Type- Acoustic
  • Country of origin- India
  • Items in the box- Guitar(1U), Owners Manual (1U), Contact List(1U), Wrench (1U)
  • Number of strings- 6
  • Number of frets- 20
  • Scale Length- 634mm (25”)
  • Body Length- 505mm (19 7/8″)
  • Total Length- 1029mm (40 1/2″)
  • Body Width- 412mm (16 1/4″)
  • Body Depth- 96-116mm (3 13/16″ – 4 9/16″)
  • Nut Width- 43mm (1 11/16”)
  • Strings- .012/.016/.025(or.024)/.033(.032)/.043(.042)/.053(.052)
  • Tuners- Covered Chrome (TM-14P)
  • Body Binding- Black
  • Sound hole Inlay- Black + White
  • Pickguard- Black
  • Body Finish- Top : Gloss Side/Back : Matt
  • Neck Finish- Matt
  • Shape- Traditional Western

Yamaha F280 Guitar Price Online in India

The Yamaha F280 guitar is very affordable and is priced around Rs. 6500- Rs.7000. It will fit quite well in your budget.

Where to buy

You can purchase the Yamaha F280 acoustic guitar both offline and online- from leading e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon.

Key Features

Yamaha F280 is the best beginner’s guitar in India. And we will continually emphasize on this fact due to the following reasons that compel us to go blindly for it.

  • Quality– When it comes to quality, there is no compromise on Yamaha’s part. So, rest assured, this guitar is going to stay put by your side for more years to come. The rosewood body and the steel strings- they make the guitar sturdy and durable, making it a 10/10 in terms of quality.
  • Playability– Yamaha F280 has been designed specially for the beginners. Strong and hard build, broad and evenly shaped body, widely spaced strings- all of these enable the beginners and newbies to grip it firmly and comfortably and strum and play the guitar without the slightest bit of hassle.
  • Acoutsic Sound– Yamaha F280 emits mellifluent and soothing strains. The sound is crystal clear with a strong bass. It is loud enough even for performing in a crowded hall and can attract thousands of passers-by to serenade to your tune in a busy street. Yamaha’s instruments are known for their booming and excellent sound quality, and this guitar just testifies this statement justly.
  • Made in India– Yes, one of the main highlights of this instrument that steals the limelight is that it is totally made in India. With precision, excellence and love, Yamaha F280 has been created in the very own Yamaha India music factory itself.

The ups and downs of Yamaha F 280

Yamaha F series is famous due to its fine quality guitars which help you to perfect the art of strumming. This series is just known for the best acoustic guitars available at a pocket friendly price. Since Yamaha F280 is new in town, allow us to enlighten you about its pros and cons:


  • This gem is available at a really pocket-friendly price and will not even pinch your pocket at all. Without spending a dime, you can get a life-long companion.
  • Yamaha F280 is indeed the beginner’s guitar. Yes, we agree, that we have been stressing on this point too much, but the truth is that due to the durable quality, the strong steel strings that are spaced conveniently just for your fingers, and the broad body that enables you to hold it without a pain and not to forget the inexpensive price- don’t you think it is just perfect for the newbies?
  • The sound is just beyond all praise. Clear and lucid, it is immensely harmonious and is bound to strike the inner-most chords of your heart.


  • There is only one thing that we can list as a con for this guitar. That is, it is just perfect. It indeed has no flaws. And why we mention this as a negative is because, other guitars don’t take a stand when Yamaha F280 comes into the picture.

So, the dear experts and seasoned players and our beginner mates- if you are looking for a lifetime mate with supreme sound quality, astonishing and appealing looks and phenomenal durability at a low and highly reasonable price- Yamaha F280 is just your thing. And as it has been made in India, this adds more weight to why we should promote local and go for this instrument without a second thought. Hence no more dilly-dallying. Order your very own and personal guitar right away and go explore the beautiful world of music in your own way, in your own terms!

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