Exhaust Pipe for portable AC India | 5-6 Inch Hose Pipe

Everything in this world requires a bit of maintenance and safekeeping. Be it the plants around us, our bodies and minds, relationships or electronics- you have to give them proper attention and take good care of them. For this, you need to ensure that the different appliances are working in a healthy way and have no faults in them. And this applies to your portable ACs too. During the sultry summers the portable ACs and run the most. While normal air conditioners have everything installed in them, portable ACs often require hose pipes or exhaust pipes to be fitted manually. So today we will be sharing with you the best hose pipes for portable air conditioners. Hose pipes or exhaust pipes are very important for your AC and we often tend to forget about them. They indeed keep your air conditioner protected from dust and excess water. So, if you want to know which hose pipe you need to use for your AC do stay put till the end!!

What is a hose pipe?

A hose pipe is a cylindrical tube-like structure which is fitted for drainage purposes. Usually chimneys, refrigerators, ACs and appliances which are concerned with water droplets. What the hose pipe does is, it provides passage to the excess water vapour and drains it out of the machine thus saving it from water and dust accumulation and spillage. Exhaust pipes remove the water vapour which condense in these appliances and it is indeed very important to check whether your portable AC has this vital thing installed or not.

Buying guide

Hose pipes are available for a plethora of electronic devices but we will be talking only about those pipes for portable ACs. So, when you decide to purchase one, you need to keep the following points in your mind:

  • The size of the AC
  • The material of the pipe
  • The dimensions of the pipe
  • The type of the pipe

The best hose pipes/ exhaust pipes for portable Air conditioner in India

Diving straight into the hose pipes which we recommend highly, all the pipes have been manufactured by very reputed companies whom you can trust blindly. Our top picks are-

Chirag distribution Plastic Chimney Exhaust Pipe– Chirag distribution is one of the most trustworthy brands when it comes to hardware products. This exhaust pipe too is one of their best products and we recommend this highly because:

  • It is made up of sturdy plastic which makes it quite flexible and durable as well.
  • This 6-inch pipe is long enough to drain out all the excess water droplets.
  • This pipe can be used both in your chimney and your portable air conditioner.
  • The pipe is quite expandable and serves a lot of purposes together.
  • It is quite pocket-friendly and will cost you around Rs. 450.

DZT1968 Air Conditioner Hose, Diameter Exhaust Hose for Portable Air Conditioner– This exhaust pipe is just a WOW product. If you do not want to compromise with the price and can relax your budget tad bit, then this your hose pipe. Why you should buy this is because:

  • This exhaust pipe is made of plastic and not only is it flexible and expandable, it is also tensile and retractable.
  • The aluminium foil coating inside the tube makes it resistant to all type of wear, flame and corrosion.
  • The pipe can shrink and stretch quite easily and this gives a lot of space for a smooth drainage of dust and water.
  • This pipe is easy to install and can be used not only with your AC but also with a variety of other appliances and hardware products.
  • The pipe will cost you around Rs. 1400

Kraftex Air Conditioner Hose Portable Exhaust Pipe– Kraftex is an indeed popular company and their products are known to last for years. This exhaust pipe by them is truly one of the best hose pipes available in the market now. We will give this a 10 on 10 because:

  • This pipe has been made up of polypropylene which makes it intensely strong, durable and highly tensile.
  • The pipe has an adjustable length and can stretch from 15 inch to 80 inches straight.
  • The pipe is compatible with ACs of all brands and types and you will not even have to replace this pipe since it will serve you for life.
  • The pipe has a ‘fast fix’ quality which makes it super easy to install and fit with the existing vent.
  • This pipe is very efficient with its work and will save you a lot of energy and stop leakage of excess water totally.

Athiva Aluminium Chimney Exhaust Flexible Pipe– Athiva’s exhaust flexible pipe can not only be used with chimneys and kitchen hoods, but they can also be used with your portable air conditioners. We are a fan of this product because:

  • Since it has an aluminium body, it is very flexible, ductile and resistant to corrosion.
  • The pipe can extend upto 10 inches and has adjustable lengths.
  • The pipe comes with a free cowl cover.
  • This multi-purpose hose pipe is very durable and efficient.
  • It is priced around Rs. 900.

SA 6 Inch Flexible Aluminium Duct Pipe Chimney Exhaust Pipe– Suchorita Appliances is a company which is now providing a tough competition to all the other hardware brands. But when it comes to quality, SA products are unparallel. This list would be totally incomplete if we didn’t mention this pipe and you should definitely go for it because:

  • This pipe has an adjustable length and it is around 6 inches long which provides quite a long passage for removing excess water droplets.
  • The pipe is made up of excellent aluminium sheets that makes it malleable and ductile.
  • The pipe is quite sturdy and will last you for a very long time.
  • You will get a cowl cover too with this wonderful pipe.
  • The pipe costs about Rs. 625.

These are our suggestions and recommendations regarding the exhaust pipes for your portable AC. Everything needs care and so does your AC. If you want it to last long, you need to ensure that the AC gets all that it needs and a hose pipe is a must in this case. Available in hardware stores and online sites like Amazon and Flipkart, you will get these amazing little pipes of sleek and stunning appearances easily. Just one thing you need to remember is that you have to clean these pipes regularly so that they can perform their best. Now go and order your hose pipe, install it to your AC and enjoy a mountainous chill in your blazing room with your loved ones.

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